Monday, July 18, 2011

It's on!!

OMG, these Japanese Beetles are killing me!  This morning I took this shot of this clematis blooming.  It's been growing so well even in this heat and I've been so looking forward to it!  (this was one you gave me Connie)  This evening I made my usual rounds and I couldn't believe it!!  There were at least 6 beetles!!  Please stop it!  I've been pulling them by hand and squashing them (gross but effective)  but I give up!  Everywhere I look they are eating!  I decided to get the sevin out.  I know, I try to keep it all natural too but this is nuts!!  Here's a look this morning

If you click on the picture you will see my despair!!
Anyway, let me share with you some good images...

George's garden is still very pretty in sprite of the pests!

the liatris, daylilies and Becky daisy are still blooming strong, I'm really surprised how well everything is doing in this heat.  I've been trying hard to keep up on the watering.  By this time I've usually given up and gone to the lake.   

the white ballons flowers are blooming

as well as the phlox. I love this purple with the yellow daylily

This Tiger Lily is new to me this year.  My Mom's had died (or so she thought) so when a friend offered I took some.  More than enough for Mom and I!  I really had planned on giving them away but when time came to put them in or toss, I couldn't do it.  Now I've decided  I really like them!!  My Mom always had them in her yard, back by the swing set where us kids would spend many a hot summer's evening.  Those are good memories!  My brother and I could sing up a storm!  "Yellow bird, up high in banana tree...." 
 Good times!  Hope you have a great one,  I'll catch you later! 

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