Monday, June 27, 2011

more June blooms

June has been a rather strange month....It started out like August, hot hot hot, and now it seems like May with lots of cool weather and tons of rain, 3 inches in the past 2 days.  But I can't complain too loudly, the lilies don't seem to mind.  Here are some current pics.  Remember to double click on the pictures to enlarge them. 

Jackmanii Clematis with Karl Forester grass.  I was very worried about "Jack."  Last year, about this time, a storm took down his arbor.  Wasn't sure how he'd handle the transition.  But he's full and happy on his new home. 

The Eyeliner Asiatic Lily.  This Lily is new to my garden this year, another purchase at a friend's (Sherry) plant sale this year.  It's a beauty.  Large flowers on tall strong stems with a number of blooms per stem.

This close up shows off the very thin "eyeliner" outline around each petal.  Below are a few other asiatic lilies.  Unfortunately I don't have the names of these varieties. 

A very Bright red, thanks Lori!  This was added last summer.  It wintered very well and sent up many additional babies.

I call this one "baby girl pink"  Heck, I gotta call her something!  Many of these
       have been in the garden before I started keeping track of names. 

I believe this is an oriental lily,  the fragance is strong and wonderful!

This is probably the very first lily I started with.  It's "Connecticut King" another Asiatic lily.  Although the voles tried to destroy my collection several years ago I still have quite a few.  They are very hardy and multiply nicely.  (no thanks to the voles!)

The Daylillies are also blooming

Here's another newbee.  "Red spider"  This bloom is eight inches across! 

Last but not least it's a "Becky"  Daisy.  She's not very tall yet this year.  Another new addition.  Take time to enjoy the flowers....I have to go mow!

Hope it logs successfully this time...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (GBBD) June 2011

My first Bloom Day Blog!!  Glad to be here with fellow gardeners!  Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this fun monthly event!  Here's a glimpse of whats happening in my garden today...

My Iris are just finishing up.  This one is known to me only as "Blue and White"  a gift from Sherry.

not sure which this is but it reseeds easily and everywhere!  

Tropicana Canna with bandana lantana, a sun impatient, and varigated swedish ivy.  there's also a blackie sweet potato vine and asparagus fern in the back . 

more beautiful Lollipop lilies.  My only lily to be blooming right now.

Lollipops with the unknown clematis behind it.  The tag said Mrs. Bateman but it is not.

another gifted unnamed iris.  I'll just call her Purdy!

My garden seems stuck between spring and summer.  I hope to have more for you soon!  Thanks for stopping!!  Visit Carol at for more garden sites!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

comments field

I've been playing with this and I hope I have figured it out!  I'd really love to have your feedback so please leave a comment!!  If you don't have a blog pls login as "anonymous" and leave your name and comment!!  I think I got it!  Just ask google...he knows! 

testing 123...

Hoping to understand and figure out how to post pictures that are in "portrait" rather than "landscape" mode.  All posts so far the blog has changed to landscape.  This is only a test.....Yay! it worked!!  I just saved it in my pictures as another name and the computer didn't "landscape" it!!  Woo hoo, I learned something!  Now if I can just figure out the the way, this is Orange Marmalade.  I love this hosta, she's so pretty.  And the concrete rabbit...well, that's the only rabbit allowed in my garden!!  Later!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hooray! The lilys are here!

June is here, the lily show has begun!  My first is always "Lollipop" (makes me want to sing) She is so pretty and has been so good to me!  She has multiplied many times over the four (clearance) bulbs I started with.  A definite keeper! 

My Clematis are finishing up.  Our excessive hundred degree heat cut their life span short, although they did better than I thought they would.  Poor things!  This one I don't know the name of.  A gift from from my hairdresser (thanks Connie!)  Perhaps you can help me?

This is a mini, the flowers are only about 3 inches across.  another gift from Connie.  I don't know the you?

this is "multi blue"  It does rebloom off and on through the season but not as full as the spring.

this is "George's Garden" named after the sweetest fella ever!  He owned the home next door and allowed me to remove all the grass between our homes and "do what you want, Candy!"  Oh my, everyone should respond to my requests that way (LOL)!  Most of my lilies are on this east side of my house.  It's gets some morning and some afternoon sun, but nothing extreme, just like the lilies want!  (look closely and you'll see lollipop!)

the new bed I started out back (on the left) last fall has exploded this spring!  I'll probably have to divide again this fall!

this is the view of my garden from my kitchen window ( I finally figured out how to take off the darn screen)  This is basically the view I also have from my office window.  My customers wonder why I'm so happy in the morning!  I do have the street out back but it's quiet during the day and I have enough going on to distract me from watching the cars go by. 

I had so much fun snooping in other people's gardens this winter through these blogs.  Had to try my own!  Actually my Scrapbook gal got me started, (Shari) I would visit her blog and then take off from there.  Too much fun, and free!  What else can you do in our long cold winters? 

I can't wait to snoop in your garden!!  Leave me your comments and blog address!

new hostas

Great Expectations
and Fragrant Bouquet

I found both of these beauties at the neighborhood Walmart for just 5.50 each.  Good buy!!  Not sure where they will be planted...stay tuned.  I'm such a rookie at this Blogging thing.  Not sure how to work much of the sizing and things but I'll continue to play and hope to improve.  Any help you can offer please do.