Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy GBBD in July!!

The heat is on here in the midlands!!  It's been hot and getting hotter but I've still enjoyed many blooms. Some sadly, didn't last very long.  Many of the daylilies are still going strong.  Wish I had more names to offer but haven't gotten my research done.  They're still beauties anyway!!  I'll start with the daylilies:

more maroon w/ yellow center

bright red!!

The garden is really full of blooms but time is limited today.  I 'll share more later!  Enjoy your "Bloom Day" and hop over to Carol's May Dream Garden to continue your hop!!   

purple cone flower (the June bugs are really a pest this year)

My "birthday" Asiatic Lily, which is blooming late this year. 
I did divide last fall, I'm assuming that slowed it down.  


  1. Oh Wow! Your Daylilies and the Asiatic are beautiful! A lovely showing.
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. The Asiatic lily is so pretty, and I love the first pale yellow one and the pink one farther down in your post. I just love daylilies, don't you?
    xo Beth