Saturday, June 11, 2011

comments field

I've been playing with this and I hope I have figured it out!  I'd really love to have your feedback so please leave a comment!!  If you don't have a blog pls login as "anonymous" and leave your name and comment!!  I think I got it!  Just ask google...he knows! 


  1. I love your blog. Your garden is amazing. If you need a blank slate to "test" any new plants, I know of one in Gretna. I will be watching for new updates from you. Love IT.. Your Pal, Terry

  2. Love your blog!


  3. Oh thank you for sharing your flowers with me Aunt Candy! I love your iris's! I've never seen any that color!

    I've not had much action this year thanks to the lovely deer. They so enjoyed the hosta's & daylilies you shared with me :(
    They don't seem to care much for the peonies, or the sedum. The sedum brightens my day with it's lovely yellow popping out at me :)
    I think i figured out the problem with my peonies...either i planted the bulbs upside down or too deep. I dug one up last night. I'll learn more with your teaching. Love ya!