Friday, June 10, 2011

Hooray! The lilys are here!

June is here, the lily show has begun!  My first is always "Lollipop" (makes me want to sing) She is so pretty and has been so good to me!  She has multiplied many times over the four (clearance) bulbs I started with.  A definite keeper! 

My Clematis are finishing up.  Our excessive hundred degree heat cut their life span short, although they did better than I thought they would.  Poor things!  This one I don't know the name of.  A gift from from my hairdresser (thanks Connie!)  Perhaps you can help me?

This is a mini, the flowers are only about 3 inches across.  another gift from Connie.  I don't know the you?

this is "multi blue"  It does rebloom off and on through the season but not as full as the spring.

this is "George's Garden" named after the sweetest fella ever!  He owned the home next door and allowed me to remove all the grass between our homes and "do what you want, Candy!"  Oh my, everyone should respond to my requests that way (LOL)!  Most of my lilies are on this east side of my house.  It's gets some morning and some afternoon sun, but nothing extreme, just like the lilies want!  (look closely and you'll see lollipop!)

the new bed I started out back (on the left) last fall has exploded this spring!  I'll probably have to divide again this fall!

this is the view of my garden from my kitchen window ( I finally figured out how to take off the darn screen)  This is basically the view I also have from my office window.  My customers wonder why I'm so happy in the morning!  I do have the street out back but it's quiet during the day and I have enough going on to distract me from watching the cars go by. 

I had so much fun snooping in other people's gardens this winter through these blogs.  Had to try my own!  Actually my Scrapbook gal got me started, (Shari) I would visit her blog and then take off from there.  Too much fun, and free!  What else can you do in our long cold winters? 

I can't wait to snoop in your garden!!  Leave me your comments and blog address!


  1. I love it! I do enjoy your garden, now I can get all your pics and tips! Please Aunt Candy, tell me what I'm doing peonies look like tiny baby peonies! No flowers in the past 2 years! Granted they've been moved each year the past 2 years, but they've been re-planted in the fall. Now they have tons of sun, but still no blooms, and only about 10-12" tall?

  2. Heather, So cool, my first comment!!!! Please, how did you do that? I can’t figure out the whole comment thing yet!

    Here's some peony info I found online at Gardening Central…

    "remember the plant will take a year at least to completely recover. Peonies are very hardy plants, and are not fussy, so with any luck at all, you should be OK.

    A Big Hole In A Sunny Location - When transplanting peonies, they will do best when placed in a hole that is somewhat bigger than the root ball, which may be quite large and quite wide. You should cover the buds with about an inch of soil but not much more. If you cover the buds with more than two inches of soil, the plant will grow the following spring but may never produce blooms in any quantity. If you live in a cold winter region it's always a good idea to place a layer of mulch (bark, straw, pine needles) over the plant, removing the mulch first thing in the spring. If you've had peonies for any length of time, you'll know that they are sun worshipers, so when transplanting them or dividing them, avoid shady locations, and make sure they are planted in soil that is well drained."

    I have transplanted a few in the past couple years. It definitely takes at least a couple years to re coup. The plant I moved last fall did bud okay but many didn't mature, they just turned black very early. I got just 2 flowers. I know it would take more sun but I'm hopeful next year will be better. I have heard before to be careful not to bury them to deep. Hope that helps! Not sure why they would be so short though, that is puzzling... maybe the stress from being moved twice? I bet next year will be better!

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  4. hahaha, test. You are too funny :)