Monday, June 27, 2011

more June blooms

June has been a rather strange month....It started out like August, hot hot hot, and now it seems like May with lots of cool weather and tons of rain, 3 inches in the past 2 days.  But I can't complain too loudly, the lilies don't seem to mind.  Here are some current pics.  Remember to double click on the pictures to enlarge them. 

Jackmanii Clematis with Karl Forester grass.  I was very worried about "Jack."  Last year, about this time, a storm took down his arbor.  Wasn't sure how he'd handle the transition.  But he's full and happy on his new home. 

The Eyeliner Asiatic Lily.  This Lily is new to my garden this year, another purchase at a friend's (Sherry) plant sale this year.  It's a beauty.  Large flowers on tall strong stems with a number of blooms per stem.

This close up shows off the very thin "eyeliner" outline around each petal.  Below are a few other asiatic lilies.  Unfortunately I don't have the names of these varieties. 

A very Bright red, thanks Lori!  This was added last summer.  It wintered very well and sent up many additional babies.

I call this one "baby girl pink"  Heck, I gotta call her something!  Many of these
       have been in the garden before I started keeping track of names. 

I believe this is an oriental lily,  the fragance is strong and wonderful!

This is probably the very first lily I started with.  It's "Connecticut King" another Asiatic lily.  Although the voles tried to destroy my collection several years ago I still have quite a few.  They are very hardy and multiply nicely.  (no thanks to the voles!)

The Daylillies are also blooming

Here's another newbee.  "Red spider"  This bloom is eight inches across! 

Last but not least it's a "Becky"  Daisy.  She's not very tall yet this year.  Another new addition.  Take time to enjoy the flowers....I have to go mow!

Hope it logs successfully this time...

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